Monday, February 11, 2013

This is my Bangladesh, This is our Youth

Girls, who have not even stepped outside of home except going to school and shopping mall, have joined at Shahbag Square (Projonmo Chottor) since the punishment of war criminal Abdur Kader Molla has been declared.
Roton, a rickshaw puller who lives day to day life, I ask him to go to Shahbag Square from Khilgaon, surprisingly he agreed and give his consent to me without charging any fare. I wanted to know from him the reason and he replied, "MAMA, Fashi Chai, Heidar Lega Jaitachen,Amra Jaite na Parleo,Apnago Kamey Aite Partachi,Etai Amgo Lega Onnek."[You guys are working for the highest possible punishment of the war criminals, we are not attending you due to leading our day to day lives,but at least we could support you.]

I was astonished to see the school boys and girls are gathering altogether, dancing, singing and roaring for the demand to true justice of the war criminals these days. The protest have started on February 05, 2013 at 15.30 hours. The organizers never thought that the human chain which have been started with only 100 people has now crossed over million and virtually more than that.

I am fortunate to talk with many school girls and boys over there who do not know what is politics, in fact they are not matured enough but they know that they have not been justified properly. They believe that if someone is punished by death sentence for a murder, then war criminals like Abdul Kader Molla should punished same.

They prepared dummy death sentence stage and ready to see the highest possible punishment of the war criminals.
More than 250 thousands of food packets have been supplied by different ordinary communities, winter cloths for the protestors have been supplied by the general mass,people who are living outside of Dhaka i.e. Comilla, Jessore, Chittagong are supplying daily necessities, if you combine all these things, you will find an united Bangladesh.

 Joy Bangla [Victory of Bengal], the slogan which have encouraged the freedom fighters during 1971, has once again boosted the synergy of the young guns in 2013. I have never thought that the slogan Joy Bangla has the same appeal but my thinking has completely changed. Even you will surprise if you have not yet attended the human protest.

During 1971, when our liberation war took place, mother had sent her only child in the battle ground, the same is happening here. Whether it is a girl or boy, even the oldies who are counting their last breath have also joined to sing with the same tune.

This is my Bangladesh, This is our Youth, and I am proud of it.

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