Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ease of Smart Phones

From early morning to late night smart phone is the best company for me.In the morning I wake up by its alarm and at the night I go to sleep to see the time in my smart phone. Smart phones have a scured place in our life.24/7 we carry on them every where.We can’t imagine a single day without our smart phones.

It made our world small.Using smart phone is another meaning of  that you are active in social network sites.It is not only a phone but also it works as a mini computer.By this smart phone we get every update of news at a time,can check email,can do video chat,can chat with live messengers,gtalk,yahoo,upload photos,get weather update,use GPS and can use many more applications.For this phone we never have to wait for newspaper or anything.We can do everything on that moment whatever we want. It make us feel connected.It seems like we are moving with world in our hand.

But now it becomes a fashion tools for young people.They used to change smart phone models and like to show off.Smarts phones are very popular to young people for its amazing games.People love to play this and get addicted can’t concentrate properly on study or work.Another thing is that they misuse the advantage of smart phones by doing wrong work,such as taking photo of unknown one without their permission.Sometimes they use those photo by poor editing.

More dangerous thing of smart phone is it destroying our brain.It effects on our eyes.People are now busy with their virtual life rather than family life.Smart phone has made our life fast on the other side it has made us idle.

Though there are many bad sides,it has many good sides too.We can’t move without our phone which has made our life more interesting and easy.Keep all this on mind we can reduce the uses of our phone.So that we can live a natural life rather than a robotic life.

The article is written by Moumita Roy.
She is an ACCA student. Besides she is concentrating on Fashion Industry and Tech Media.

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