Saturday, June 29, 2013

Common nonverbal mistakes made at a job interview

Thursday, June 27, 2013

                     BANANA TOFFEE



  •  Flour (all purpose)

  • Corn flour

  • Banana

  • Oil

  • Sugar 

  • Sesame Seeds 



    Take half cup of flour,four tb spoons of corn flour and mix them with little water.You can also add half spoon of oil and salt(according to taste) in the batter.
    Take two ripe bananas,peel the bananas and slice each 1 into 4 pieces.Now you dip the pieces into the batter and leave them into the hot oil,fry them until the pieces turn golden.

    Now take one cup of sugar and start to caramelized.When it bocome brown put all the fried bananas into the caramelized sugar and spread sesame seeds.

    Remove the bananas from the pan and dip them quickly in a bowl iced water,now it becomes banana toffee from fried banana.Now its ready to serve.Enjoy this crunchy banana with ice cream.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 Ways To Buff It Up Like Hrithik Roshan

With looks that could kill and an enviable body, Hrithik Roshan is the most desirable man of Bollywood. Want a smoking hot body like Hrithik? 

Follow these steps:

Exercise: Cardio! Cardio! Cardio! Cardio exercises thrice a week will do wonders! To build thighs and arms like Hrithik, wake up early in the morning and go for a jog to the nearest park or run on the treadmill. Want six pack abs like Hrithik? Here is your answer: 200 crunches every single day! Consult your trainer and change your work out regime every week. Plunging into the swimming pool twice a week will guarantee flexibility. If you have joint the gym recently, do not work out for more than an hour. The key is to burn the excess fat in your body and build healthy muscle through responsible weight training. ProTip: Do not OVEREXERCISE!

Eat healthy: Eat within forty five minutes of heavy weight training for quicker results. Ensure that your breakfast is heavy! The ideal breakfast consists of four egg whites, two slices of brown bread, protein shake, corn flakes with milk and an assorted fruit platter. Include green vegetables in your lunch along with one non vegetarian dish. Also, including a nutritious salad in the meal will balance your meal. Avoid eating anything but a fruit or a salad for an evening snack. For dinner, keep it light. Graze on some veggies and protein. Always remember, do not overindulge!

Zero deprivation: Who said you need to diet to achieve a smoking hot body like Hrithik’s? Avoid starving yourself please! Avoiding too much salt and sugar in your meals will eliminate excess calories and bloating. Also, do not visit the gym everyday, take a break on the weekends and explore the outdoors. Avoid use of food supplements or steroids. Smoking and alcohol is a strict no-no!

Sleep: Waking up early in the morning is a must! After an hour of heavy workout, a short nap can work wonders. Sleep allows the body to repair the damage it endures during strenuous exerise. 

Drink: Drink plenty of water throughout the day! A minimum of two litres per day need to be consumed in order to compensate loss of fluid through sweating. You need to keep your body adequately hydrated at all times. Dehydration is the last obstacle you want to face while working on your body.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Keep Innovation Jams Small and Focused

Bringing together people from different backgrounds to creatively brainstorm a problem — otherwise known as "jamming" – has become a popular way to unearth new ideas. Although the process is widely hyped, many companies struggle to make it work. Here are three rules of thumb to help:
  • Let participants choose.
    It's a mistake to assign people to a challenge. You'll see much more creative energy if you let participants decide which problems to work on.
  • Keep the team small.
    Don't let everyone get involved. Instead, create teams of no more than four. This size affords diversity but also allows the team to engage quickly.
  • Clearly define the problem.
    Make sure everyone understands the business, technological, and other challenges involved so each team member isn't trying to solve a different problem.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weird Ways to Make Work Wonderful

Every leader in every company struggles with ways to make work more engaging. It's always hard to find great people and is vital to keep them, since internal hires tend to be more successful than external ones. So once you've handed out the employee of the week/month/year badges, what can you do to enliven the daily grind? Here are some ideas:
Encourage creativity. Creative people get ideas by watching what other creative people make. That means they are productive to the degree that they have the time and opportunity to have a life. SHIFT Communications reimburses each employee $100 per year when they attend Broadway shows, sporting adventures or go to the opera. It's a great way of making sure no one gets stale; creativity feeds on creativity. And companies don't have idea -- people do.
Meeting-free days. Incessant meetings are the one reason invariably given when people explain why they left their jobs to work for themselves. So reward employees with one day a week when there won't be any meetings. Mondays are popular choices because everyone can start the week by being productive; other companies prefer Fridays because people leave feeling their work has been finished and they're free for the weekend. Whichever you prefer - it costs nothing and gains a lot.
Productivity software maker (recently acquired by goes one step further: It has no meetings at all -- just a show-and-tell session on Mondays. That's it. The company also provides a catered lunch four days a week and a staff-built jukebox with everyone's favorite tunes. 

Get to know everyone. At financial tracking site Credit Karma, employees come from all over the U.S. but need to get to know one another. To foster a sense of camaraderie, the company hosts weekly game nights with computer and board games, and also hosts movie nights. That means people get to know each other well beyond the transactional relationships that work normally develops. These events aren't hugely expensive, but the head of talent at the company, Ragini Parma, says they make all the difference.

Vacation together. Tech firm ZeroTurnaround took its employees on vacation to Crete for a week last September. Employees from Boston, Prague and Estonia spent a week working in a villa overlooking the Mediterranean, and they now know each other pretty well. Tech recruitment firm Eliassen Group takes everyone in the company -- and their immediate families -- on a cruise if they meet their annual targets. The operative principle: The company's success depends on employees helping each other. 

Hold a "bring your pet to work" day.
I can't quite explain pet passion, but if my Facebook page is anything to go by people love their pets beyond reason. I'm not sure a lot of work gets done in companies that host such events, but I feel pretty sure employee engagement and communication improves -- as long as there aren't too many dog fights.

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Give a Meaningful Apology

Did you snap at a colleague who didn't get her work done? Or did you miss an important deadline, messing up a coworker's project timeline? When your mistake affects someone else, here's how to make amends:
  • Admit that you were wrong.
    Own up to what you did — or failed to do.
  • Show you understand the repercussions.
    Don't assume you know what your coworker feels or thinks, but acknowledge that you know you've negatively affected him.
  • Tell her what you will do differently.
    Reassure her that you won't behave the same way in the future. Be specific about what you will change.