Thursday, June 27, 2013

                     BANANA TOFFEE



  •  Flour (all purpose)

  • Corn flour

  • Banana

  • Oil

  • Sugar 

  • Sesame Seeds 



    Take half cup of flour,four tb spoons of corn flour and mix them with little water.You can also add half spoon of oil and salt(according to taste) in the batter.
    Take two ripe bananas,peel the bananas and slice each 1 into 4 pieces.Now you dip the pieces into the batter and leave them into the hot oil,fry them until the pieces turn golden.

    Now take one cup of sugar and start to caramelized.When it bocome brown put all the fried bananas into the caramelized sugar and spread sesame seeds.

    Remove the bananas from the pan and dip them quickly in a bowl iced water,now it becomes banana toffee from fried banana.Now its ready to serve.Enjoy this crunchy banana with ice cream.

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