Monday, February 25, 2013

Biotechnology Improves your Life

Top 10 ways Biotechnology could improve your life:

Experts on the World Economic Forum’s Council on Biotechnology have selected 10 developments in biotechnology which they believe could help meet the rapidly growing demand for energy, food and healthcare. 

Experts on the World Economic Forum’s Council on Biotechnology have selected 10 developments which they believe could help not only meet the rapidly growing demand for energy, food and healthcare, but also increase productivity and create new jobs, should issues such as regulatory certainty, public perception and investment be tackled successfully. 

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Picture of the Year 2012

Pair of Merops apiaster feeding has been awarded the Picture of the Year 2012.

This is a featured picture on Wikimedia Commons (Featured pictures) and is considered one of the finest images

This photograph has been clicked by Pierre Dalous.

Click the below link to have a look at the tremendous photograph.

Picture of the Year 2012

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Projonmo Chottor and Social Media

Social media in general, and Facebook in particular, were crucial in shaping how citizens, especially young generation of Bangladesh, have made individual decisions about participating in protests against the war criminals. The protest at the Shahbagh Square in Dhaka is a remarkable show of an independent, spontaneous, non-partisan movement erupting out of pain silently carried by the people of Bangladesh for decades. It is an admirable non-violent, tenacious, proud and confident protest in the real term. The protest has been partially organised online and echoes across social media.

Only 100 people took the initiative to gather and form a human chain on February 05, 2013 at Shahbagh demanding capital punishment of Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Mollah shortly after the International Crimes Tribunal-2 sentenced him to lifetime imprisonment for crimes against humanity during the Liberation War in 1971. The activists, along with many more people from blogs and social networking sites, rejected the verdict and started protesting it. Rest is history.

In addition to demanding capital punishment for Quader Mollah and every war criminal, people are also demanding a permanent ban on religious politics in Bangladesh, specifying Jamaat-e-Islami.

Can Facebook win a revolution? The power of social media has been a hotly debated topic after the Arab Spring that brought about regime change in many Arab countries. The 2009 Green Revolution in Iran may have been the first modern political insurrection to be chronicled on Twitter, but it did not bring down a government. Egypt's Tahrir Square protest movement did just that. Some previous research has analysed the use of social media at a more general level throughout the Arab world in early 2011, but the exact nature of the relationship between social networks and revolution is still being examined.

Now, here in Bangladesh, a new revolution is taking place just in front of our eyes. As Bangladeshis, we are always emotional. If hurt emotionally, we never keep silent, we roar. 2013 is just the same.

Shahbagh Square protests, which have spread throughout the country, garnered the interest and attention of a worldwide audience largely due to digital and social media. The spread of information, via online media, is said to link protesters to a wider public. This coupled with the attention of the world media have made the domestic events a global matter. The place is full of people from all classes and professions. The social networking sites played a significant role in initiating the movement like Arab spring which toppled several autocratic rulers in the Middle East. Many in the social networking sites termed the Shahbagh intersection as 'Shahbagh Square' comparing it with 'Tahrir Square' of Egypt, the centre point of Egyptian revolution that ousted autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

The administrator of Bloger and Online Activist Network writes, "Now we are in a war. The war is to free the country from Razakars. Hope, another revolution will take place today. This revolution will be another history for the country. You, online activists and the young generation are the heroes of the history." They invited all to join hands with the protesters at Shahbagh intersection, now known as 'Projanma Chottor'.

Roton is a rickshaw-puller who lives from hand to mouth. I asked him to go to Shahbagh Square from Khilgaon. Surprisingly he agreed and offered to carry me without charging any fare. I wanted to know from him the reason; and he replied, "Mama, Fashi Chai, heidar lega jaitachen. Amra jaite na parleo apnago kamey aite partachi, etai amgo lega onek." [Uncle, you guys are working for the highest possible punishment of the war criminals. We can not afford to go as we have to pull rickshaw for earning our day's bread. But if we can be of any help to you that will be our best contentment.]

Hundreds of thousand packets of food have been supplied by different individuals and organisations, winter clothes for the protestors have been supplied by the general mass, and even people who live outside Dhaka i.e. Comilla, Jessore, Chittagong are supplying daily necessities. If you combine all these things, you will find a united Bangladesh. Joy Bangla [Victory to Bengal], the slogan that inspired the freedom-fighters in the war field in 1971, has once again boosted the synergy of the young guns in 2013.

The slogan is being pronounced

carrying the same appeal that our freedom-fighters did.

Sujit Roy, an expatriate writes, "Wish I could join you now....will fly back soon!"

A Facebook user remarks, "Thousands of protesters packed into Shahbagh Square …..It's almost flooded by the people of all walks of life…the one demand - death penalty for all the war criminals including Quader Mollah........Sabash Bangalee."

The mass protests in Shahbagh Square and in several other cities have made the crowd realise that if the youth roar, then anything is possible. Waving Bangladesh's red and green flags, crowds of protesters marched towards Shahbagh Square in the afternoon on February 05. By the evening, the place was thronged with a crowd that appeared to be more than 100,000. The ultimate example of how strong the online communication is or could be--is Bangladesh 2013.

As vehicles for organising and expressing dissent, the Internet and social media such as Twitter and Facebook have already proven significant tools in Projonmo Chottor protests and uprisings. The Tahrir Square protests were set in a media context that had been developing in Egypt over several years. Others provide accounts of the growth of digitally augmented activism in Egypt. The Internet in Egypt was quickly utilised for dissent by liberals, minorities, religious groups, and others opposed to the Mubarak regime. The online political sphere emerged first in the form of blogs and personal sites, later in Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. While the Internet was not censored in general in Egypt, some bloggers were targeted and jailed, often for long periods. Social media provided space and tools for the formation and the expansion of networks. Social media functioned to broker connections between previously disconnected groups, to spread shared grievances beyond the small community of leaders, and to globalise the reach and appeal of the regional movement for the change.

The revolution of Shahbagh Square, which is at present popular as Projonmo Chottor, will be cherished by generations. 

This article has published at The Financial Express. 

Please click on the below link if you want to have a glimpse of it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

আমার বর্ণমালা- অফিসিয়াল বাংলা ফন্ট

বাংলাদেশ সরকার এই প্রথম অফিসিয়ালি একটা বাংলা ফন্ট -এর উদ্বোধন করল। বিস্তারিত জানতে আর ফন্ট টা কে ডাউনলোড করতে নিচের লিঙ্কটাতে ক্লিক করুন।

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Type Bangla in iPhone or iPad?

iOS 4 introduced the best Bangla support till date for smartphones. Though it can display Bangla text, unfortunately there is no official input method to type it. So here’s our workaround for Avro Phonetic users:
1) Go to the following URL with your iPhone Safari: 
2) Click on the Share button in Safari (right beside the Back/Forward buttons)


3) Click on the Add to Home Screen button, and voila, Avro Typepad will appear on your home screen with other apps!

Now whenever you need to type Bangla, launch iAvroPad, type Bangla phonetically and copy>paste from there.

Fast your PC and Laptop

I was too annoyed to see the speed of my laptop. I have started to read different manuals and process to fast up my laptop performance. Then I have found CCleaner.

I hope that it will help you to work smoothly.
Below is the download link of CCleaner. Enjoy...


Monday, February 18, 2013

The Muslim Family

Bangladeshi young champs have once again proved their versatility in the field of media and communication. It's not so easy to express everything or the gist within few minutes. Documentary is such a tough job, time is limited, audience is huge and message transmission must be authentic. 

Overall, the job is so tough.

But Saikat Nasir's direction has opened up a new arena. 
I like the documentary. Hope that you will like it too.

The film is for International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) - 2013.

Enjoy it.
Click on the below link.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Rain in Dhaka

Its 6.30 hours in Dhaka. I was planning to move outside of Dhaka for an excursion with friends. Believe me; Dhaka will be as upset as I am leaving her.

I love the city, I love the crowd here. And most importantly I love the traffic. Trust me; you may think that how stupid I am! But this is true. I just love it.

But my love and adoration has increased to such an extent today and I can’t share my feelings with you. Suddenly it’s raining in the month of February when new leaves are just getting its’ own charm and beauty. Nature has found his existence.

Spring Rain in Dhaka- I just love it. Just love the city, just love Spring, and most importantly, I love sudden rain in spring.

Dressed in a white shirt with my hair combed straight
Here in my black shoes and me without a date
Me without hindsight, me without
When will change come, just like spring rain
Falling down like sheets

Spring rain…………

Friday, February 15, 2013

Saraswati Vandana_2013

After huge dramatic sequences, finally the Devotees has arranged and celebrated Shree Panchami. You may be surprised to see that I have used the word DRAMA here. Yes,this is Drama.

Students of East West University are so depressed regarding the decision taken by the university authority of celebrating Saraswati Puja inside the university auditorium. The students have been committed to celebrate the festival as per the university authority but very prior to the festive day, they get to know that the university authority has changed the decision.

I must say that, this is injustice. It reflects the communal mindset of the East West University authority. In 2012, they did the same.

We love our university and we do respect the decision. But this decision is unexpected. 
But the students have not stepped back after this decision. They have relocated the event and informed the devotees prior the festival via facebook and using other communication medium. I am feeling proud to see their effort. Really proud of you guys. 


If you miss the event,then I would request you to CLICK the below link to have a glimpse of it.

Joy Maa Saraswati.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saraswati Vandana

Om Saraswati Mahabhagey, Vidye Kamala Lochaney |
Viswarupey Vishalakshmi, Vidyam Dehi Namohastutey ||
Jaya Jaya Devi, Charachara Sharey, Kuchayuga Shobhita, Mukta Haarey |
Vina Ranjita, Pustaka Hastey, Bhagavati Bharati Devi Namohastutey ||

Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and arts, represents the free flow of wisdom and consciousness. She is the mother of the Vedas, and chants to her, called the 'Saraswati Vandana' often begin and end Vedic lessons.
Saraswati is the daughter of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. It is believed that goddess Saraswati endows human beings with the powers of speech, wisdom and learning. She has four hands representing four aspects of human personality in learning: mind, intellect, alertness and ego. She has sacred scriptures in one hand and a lotus – the symbol of true knowledge – in the second.
With her other two hands she plays the music of love and life on a string instrument called the veena. She is dressed in white – the symbol of purity – and rides on a white swan – symbolizing Sattwa Guna or purity and discrimination. Saraswati is also a prominent figure in Buddhist iconography - the consort of Manjushri.

This is an auspicious day for the students. They abstain from reading and writing on this day only as a mark of respect to the goddess. Notwithstanding this austere observance, students enjoy this festival with great pleasure. A learned Hindu Priest is invited to perform the holy Puja of the goddess.

Normally students wear new dress on this day. They pray the goddess for wisdom; they also offer flowers to the deity and sing the prayer-song in her honour. Another remarkable feature of the Puja is the breaking of coconuts in front of the deity. The Prasad is shared by the students, teachers and the guests.
Often, the students arrange feasts. Cultural programmers are also arranged on the evening.

The beautiful human form of Saraswati comes to the fore in this English translation of the Saraswati hymn:

"May Goddess Saraswati, 
who is fair like the jasmine-colored moon, 
and whose pure white garland is like frosty dew drops; 
who is adorned in radiant white attire, 
on whose beautiful arm rests the veena, 
and whose throne is a white lotus; 
who is surrounded and respected by the Gods, protect me. 

May you fully remove my lethargy, sluggishness, and ignorance." 

Valentine's Day- a Day for Lovers

Valentine's Day is the day for celebrating love, be it for your partner, your parents or anyone else. It is the time to make all those people who matter in your life, feel special. Valentine's Day celebrations comprise of the various ways, through which you convey your feelings to your loved ones.

Love is the most beautiful feelings in this world, the feeling that makes everything around you seem much more beautiful that it really is. Though love should be celebrated each and every moment of your life, the hectic schedule of today's world hardly leaves time for that. Probably, this is why Valentine's Day came into being, a day which we devote to the people we love. Though this day has specifically been related to the 'better half' of your life, it does not mean that you cannot celebrate it with your 'other' loved ones. In fact, Valentine's Day is the day for expressing your feeling towards all those you love, be it your partner, parents, sibling or friends.

Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14. It is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other; sending Valentine's cards, or gifting candy. It is very common to present flowers on Valentine's Day. The holiday is named after two among the numerous Early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think of red roses, candy in heart- shaped boxes, mushy valentines, and winged cherubs flying about shooting starry-eyed lovers with arrows.

But did you know that the origin of Valentine’s Day, or Saint Valentine’s Day, comes from the life and death of a Christian martyr? Even though the names and the date were changed, the emphasis continued to be on love.

Will you be God’s valentine? It is your choice. Say yes and give to God the love He desires. And when you do, remember the first Valentine and how he gave everything, including his life, to the God he loved.

নখের সাজপোশাকে ব্যাক্তিতের প্রকাশ

ধুনিকতার সাথে তাল মিলিয়ে আজ-কাল কে না চলতে চায়? আপনার আধুনিক ফ্যাশান এ বাড়তি মাত্রা যোগ করবে আপনার নখের সাজ পোশাক।আপনার সাজ পোশাকে আপনার ব্যাক্তিতের অনেকটাই প্রকাশ পায়,হাতের সাজপোশাক ও তার ব্যাতিক্রম নয়।হাতের ও নখের গড়ন অনুযায়ী নখের সাইজ ঠিক করে নিন।নখ লম্বাটে হলে গোলাকার এবং চওড়া হলে স্কোয়্যার করে কাটলে ভালো মানায়।নখের সাজে সেই কয়েক যুগ ধরে নেইল পলিশ এর বিকল্প নেই।আর এখন কেই বা নখের সাজের জন্য শুধু নেইল পলিশ এর ওপর নির্ভর করে থাকে।

হালের জনপ্রিয় ফ্যাশান এর একটা নেইল আর্ট।নখের উপর আঁকিবুকিফুলের বাহারজেব্রা ক্রসিং,বাঘছাল, দাবার ছক। কিংবা পুরো নখের আকারটাই পয়েন্টেট বা রাউন্ড শেপ করে রঙিন জেল দিয়ে রাঙানো।বাজারে নখের সাজসজ্জার আনুসাঙ্গিক জিনিস এর অভাব নেই এখন ডেকোরেশন নাইল পলিশ,নখের স্টিকার,স্টোন,ডেকোরেশন সেট ইত্তাদি।এই সব জিনিস পাবেন বড় বড় সুপার স্টোর শপে।যেমনঃ আলমাস,নন্দন,মিনা বাজার,তবে দাম একটু বেশি পরবে যেমন ডেকোরেশন নাইল পলিশ ব্র্যান্ড অনুযায়ী দাম পরবে ২৫০-৫০০ টাকা।একটু কম দামে চাইলে আপনাকে বেশ কিছু মার্কেট ঘুরে যাচাই বাছাই করে কিনতে পারেন।তবে আরেটা দিক খেয়াল রাখবেন যে নকল নেইল পলিশে বাজার ভরপুর আসল নেইল পলিশ চিনে নিতে আপনাকে একটু বিচক্ষণ হতেই হবে।সর্বোপরি আপনার নিয়মিত যত্নেই আপনার হাত হয়ে উঠতে পারে আরও মলায়েম,আকর্ষণীয় এবং আপনাকে করে তুলবে সুন্দর...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

আমরাই তারা...!

আমরাই তারা ।
ছোট ছোট খুঁটিনাটি বিষয় নিয়ে ফেসবুক-এ, টুইটার-এ লাইক, কমেন্ট আমরাই করি । আমরাই বিবেক-এর মাপকাঠিতে বিচার করে সমালোচনা ও মন্তব্য করে থাকি বিভিন্ন বিষয়ের ওপর । স্কুল, কলেজ, বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে প্রতিটি ক্ষেত্রে সাফল্য ছিনিয়ে আনি । ভালো মন্দ বুঝিনা, জানি শুধু একরোখা দিক নির্দেশনা । লক্ষ্য স্থির না করেই অজানা কে জয় করতেই সদা উদগ্রীব । 
ছোটবেলা থেকে বই-পুস্তকে পরে আসছি মুক্তিযুদ্ধের কথা, গণঅভ্যুত্থান, ভাষা আন্দোলনের কথা । হয়তো সব কিছুই মাঝে মাঝে রূপকথার গল্পের মতো লাগে, "যেন সত্যিই কি এমন টা ঘটেছিল?", "কিভাবে সম্ভব?", "বর্বরতা, নৃশংসতার শিকার কি সত্যিই এই জাতি?" তাছাড়া বিশ্বাস হবেই বা কি করে । বর্তমান প্রেক্ষাপট, মানুষের মধ্যে হানাহানি, হিংসা, বিদ্বেষ দেখে মনে হবার নয় যে আমরাই সেই জাতি। অন্যায় অবিচার হচ্ছে, সুবিধাবাদী কিছু গোষ্ঠী ছিনিয়ে নিচ্ছে সর্বস্ব এবং মজার বিষয় তারা আইনের ধরা ছোঁয়ার বাইরে কারণ তারাই যে আইন। কিন্তু সর্বস্ব নেবার পরও কিছু থেকে যায় আর সেটা হচ্ছে আশা, নতুন করে বাঁচার আকুল আগ্রহ ও আকাঙ্ক্ষা । তখন আর কোন পিছুটান থাকে না, শুধু থাকে সঙ্কল্পবদ্ধ লক্ষের হাতছানি ।
আমরা তারাই যারা সেই আলোর দিকে ছুটে যাচ্ছি । শাহবাগ-এর আন্দোলন অনেকের কাছেই সাজানো নাটক মনে হতে পারে । হোক না । তাতে সমস্যা কোথায় । যুদ্ধাপরাধী, রাজাকারদের বিরুদ্ধে ন্যায্য বিচার দাবী করার নাটক করে যদি সফল হই, যদি দেশ থেকে আবর্জনা দূর করতে এক হই, যদি সেইসব স্বার্থপর মানুষদের বিরুদ্ধে স্লোগান দেই তবে ক্ষতি কোথায়। অনেক কিছুই ঘটছে, কেউ কেউ সুষ্ঠ বিচার থেকেও বঞ্চিত হচ্ছেন । আমরা জানি কোন ঘটনাই ছোট না তবে জাতীয় স্বার্থে সব শ্রেণীর মানুষ এক হয়ে প্রতিবাদ করলে পরিবর্তন আসবেই ।

Pohela Falgun- the Arrival of Spring

পহেলা ফাল্গুনের শুভেচ্ছা সবাইকে। হঠাৎ করেই কালপুরুষ দা'র এই কবিতা'র কথা মনে পড়ল। শেয়ার করতে ইচ্ছে করল।

গালে আঁকা আলপনা,
চোখেতে কাজল;
পহেলা ফাল্গুন তাই,
মানুষের ঢল।

চাঁপারঙ গায়ে তোর
বাসন্তীরঙ শাড়ী,
মেঘকালো চুলে তোকে,
মানিয়েছে ভারি!

তুই আছিস তাইতো,
খুশী খুশী মনটা;
আনন্দে মেতে আছি,
সারাটি ঘন্টা। "

Falgun’ is the eleventh month in the Bengali Calendar, and the first month of the season ‘Spring’, the king of all six seasons. The first of Falgun is known as “Pohela Falgun” and usually falls on the 13th February of the Gregorian Calendar. ‘Pohela Falgun’ is marked with a colorful celebration of the advent of Spring. It symbolizes the festival of color, coherence of heart and a refreshing start of life…

Falgun brings joys and colors both in nature and life. After the dryness of winter, new leaves start to come out again and the nature adorns the brunches with new colorful flowers like Shimul, Polash, Marigolds. Especially the ‘Krishnachura’ (gold mohar) brings the news of spring first.

Truly, ‘Pohela Falgun’ brings joys, colors and hopes not only in the nature but also in the lives and minds of the people of all ages. Celebrate the day and paint your heart with the colors of Spring…

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

আমি ও আমার অনুভূতি

মানুষের জীবনটা খুবই রহস্যময় ! একটা রহস্য সমাধান হয় তো আরো হাজারটা রহস্য ভীড় করে । আবার যে রহস্যটা সমাধান করতে পেরেছি বলে মনে হয় শেষ পর্যন্ত দেখা যায় কি আসলে সেই রহস্যটা সমাধানই হয়নি । খুব অদ্ভুত লাগে তখন এই ভেবে যে সারা জীবনটাই কি এই ধাঁধার সমাধান আমাকে খুঁজে যেতে হবে ? হতাশ হয়ে পড়লেও সেটাকেই পুঞ্জিভূত করে সামনে চলবার অনুপ্রেরণা খুঁজে নেই ।

কিছুই করার নাইরে ভাই, ঐ যে কথায় আছেনা সংসার সাগরে সুখ তরঙ্গের খেলা, আশা তার একমাত্র ভেলা । কবি যথার্থই বলে গেছেন । ভাবি বসে মাঝে মাঝে কি পেলাম সেই জন্ম থেকে আজ পর্যন্ত এই সময়ে ? প্রাপ্তির খাতা ফাঁকা ফাঁকা লাগে । কিন্তু ঠিক তার কিছুক্ষন পরেই যখন কল্পনার জগত থেকে বাস্তবে ফিরে আসি তখনই দুঃখ ও সুখের মাঝামাঝি সেই অদ্ভুত ও আশ্চর্য অনুভূতিটা হয় আমার । এটা কাউকে বলে বুঝানো যাবেনা ।
নিজের মস্তিষ্ক তখন শুন্য শুন্য লাগে আমার । তবুও কিছুই করবার নেই । এভাবে তো আর বেঁচে থাকা যাবেনা । নিজেকে এই বলে শান্তনা দেই যে, এই অস্থির দোলাচল ক্ষনিকের জন্য । এটা কাটিয়ে উঠতে হবে আমাকেই এবং সেটা করে দেখাবার ক্ষমতা আমার আছে । না হলে যে কাপুরুষ অপবাদটা শুনতে হবে আমায় । আমি সেটা শুনতে কোনমতেই রাজী নই । ''আরে বাবা শুনতে রাজী নস তো ভাবছিস কেন এই সব ? সব ঝেরে মুছে ফেলে দে । পারলে নতুন করে শুরু কর। নিজের অবচেতন মন ও বিবেক যেন বারবার এভাবেই আমাকে সতর্ক করে ।

ডার কে আগে জিত হ্যাঁ !!!

প্রথম বারের মতো ব্লগে লিখছি। অন্নেক ভয় লাগছে। কিন্তু আত্মবিশ্বাস নিয়ে শুরু করলাম। অয়ন দা কে ধন্যবাদ আমাকে যোগ্য মনে করার জন্য।
কি নিয়ে লিখব, ভাবতে ভাবতে মনে হল, জীবনে প্রথম বার কিছু করার দারুন অভিজ্ঞতা টা তুলে ধরি। এক দিক দিয়ে ঘাম ঝরছে, অন্য দিক দিয়ে পা কাপছে। কিন্তু নতুন কিছু একটা করার প্রয়াশ, এটাই বা কম কিসের। "ডার কে আগে জিত হ্যাঁ " - বাস শুরু করলাম। যা হবে দেখা যাবে। এক গ্লাস জল ঢোঁক ঢোঁক করে গিললাম , আর শুরু করলাম।
গুগলে সার্চ করলাম, টপিক খুঁজে বেড়াচ্ছি। কিন্তু মনে হচ্ছে সব কিছু ব্লাঙ্ক। অহ গড, হেল্প মি । সামনে পরীক্ষা, ঘাম ঝরছে, কিন্তু মনের কথা শেয়ার করছি, এটাই বা কম কিসের !
গুগলে লিখছি, ভাবতেই কেমন যেন লাগছে।
কার কিছু বলার থাকলে, যেমন বকা দেয়া, ঝারি মারা, নিশ্চিন্তে দিয়েন।
আজ এটুকুই। 

Monday, February 11, 2013

This is my Bangladesh, This is our Youth

Girls, who have not even stepped outside of home except going to school and shopping mall, have joined at Shahbag Square (Projonmo Chottor) since the punishment of war criminal Abdur Kader Molla has been declared.
Roton, a rickshaw puller who lives day to day life, I ask him to go to Shahbag Square from Khilgaon, surprisingly he agreed and give his consent to me without charging any fare. I wanted to know from him the reason and he replied, "MAMA, Fashi Chai, Heidar Lega Jaitachen,Amra Jaite na Parleo,Apnago Kamey Aite Partachi,Etai Amgo Lega Onnek."[You guys are working for the highest possible punishment of the war criminals, we are not attending you due to leading our day to day lives,but at least we could support you.]

I was astonished to see the school boys and girls are gathering altogether, dancing, singing and roaring for the demand to true justice of the war criminals these days. The protest have started on February 05, 2013 at 15.30 hours. The organizers never thought that the human chain which have been started with only 100 people has now crossed over million and virtually more than that.

I am fortunate to talk with many school girls and boys over there who do not know what is politics, in fact they are not matured enough but they know that they have not been justified properly. They believe that if someone is punished by death sentence for a murder, then war criminals like Abdul Kader Molla should punished same.

They prepared dummy death sentence stage and ready to see the highest possible punishment of the war criminals.
More than 250 thousands of food packets have been supplied by different ordinary communities, winter cloths for the protestors have been supplied by the general mass,people who are living outside of Dhaka i.e. Comilla, Jessore, Chittagong are supplying daily necessities, if you combine all these things, you will find an united Bangladesh.

 Joy Bangla [Victory of Bengal], the slogan which have encouraged the freedom fighters during 1971, has once again boosted the synergy of the young guns in 2013. I have never thought that the slogan Joy Bangla has the same appeal but my thinking has completely changed. Even you will surprise if you have not yet attended the human protest.

During 1971, when our liberation war took place, mother had sent her only child in the battle ground, the same is happening here. Whether it is a girl or boy, even the oldies who are counting their last breath have also joined to sing with the same tune.

This is my Bangladesh, This is our Youth, and I am proud of it.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

No regret, I have not seen 1971, I am seeing 2013

The Gate of Motijheel, the most vital commercial space in Bangladesh, is popularly known as Shahbag is no more at his name. The name is now a history. And we all know that history is the evidence of revolution and victory. The name Shahbag is the ultimate name of victory for Bengalies. Shahbag Square which was once [before February 05, 2013] known as Shahbag, has become a place of glories, victories and a roar against the war criminals who had brutally murdered the mass of Bangladesh in the year of 1971. The pro-liberation forces today named Shahbagh intersection as ‘Projanma Chattar’.
A girl named, Sanchari, said, “If the death sentence is applied for a murder, then why not the same is applicable for thousands murder.” With the same tune, the youth of Bangladesh have roared for the highest punishment of the war criminals of Bangladesh.

The social networking sites played a significant role in initiating the movement like Arab Spring which toppled several autocratic rulers in the Middle East. Many in the social networking sites termed the Shahbagh intersection as ‘Shahbagh Square’ comparing it with ‘Tahrir Square’ of Egypt, the center point of Egyptian revolution that ousted autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarak in 2011.
Some Facebook users said their only demand is that Jamaat’s assistant secretary general Quader Mollah and other war criminals be condemned to death. SopnoSrosta says, “Hearing that a war took place – the freedom fighters of the new generation occupied Shahbagh. It will not proper for anyone to sit idle."

Sujit Roy, an expatriate writes, “Wish I could join you now….will fly back soon!”

Another Facebook user says, “We don’t want to hear history any more – rather we want to make history this time.”

As a responsible citizen of Bangladesh I will say, “I have not seen 1971, but I am seeing 2013.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kabir Suman- Gonodabi

When we are talking about independence or existence, then we are always unite. Whether it is Bangladesh or West Bengal, we sing same. We talk same, we behave same, we eat same- then why not we raise and roar same.
In terms of cultural bonding, both the Bengal are running at same pace. Bangladesh youth, the future of the prospective development has finally raised their voice against the war criminals. Once it was politicized but now it is a mass argument. People are saying that once again, Bangladesh is fighting for the freedom of expression, freedom of justice. 

Yes, the young guns have shown their passion.

Kabir SUman, the prominent singer, who is versatile in every sector he steps, has come forward to encourage the youth of Bangladesh who are fighting for the justice of war criminal at Shahbag [currently familiar as Projonmo Chottor].

Here is the tune which will encourage you to fight for the lost freedom of justice and expression.
Enjoy .........

Night Photography Tips

I was planning to go for a photo walk with some of my friends in the year of 2011 in the month of June. That was a full moon lit night. I was looking for different guidelines to take photographs at night. Because you don't have sufficient lights for controlling exposure.

Alas! There are lots of guidelines and I am confused once again.

After a long, I at last find something.
Sometimes we really look for the exposure or the guideline of photography at night. Don't worry, here is the guide of Night Exposure Guide for you.

Enjoy photography,enjoy reading.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to create a Public Relation (PR) plan?

Public Relations or PR plan is the basis for your public relations program. Public Relations plans can either be company-wide (improving the identity of a company) or they may focus on a specific product line, product or service. Below is a template of what a typical public relation plan would look like.  

1. Executive Summary 
    Here you put a brief synopsis of     what the plan is trying to address, and the time frame involved in carrying out the plan.

2. Communication Method
Develop your plan of attack.
What communication vehicles
will you use to get your message 
to the public? Examples 
may include:
           - Press releases
           - Articles
           - Customer Success Stories
           - Letters to the Editor
           - Press Conferences, Interview, or Media Tours
           - Radio, Television, or Press Interviews
           - Seminars or Speaking Engagements
           - Event Sponsorships

3. Background
Define the background of your public relations plan. Too often, business owners say the background is to “raise awareness” when they really want to achieve much more. As a business owner, you want to do more than merely raise awareness of your business.

4. SWOT/Situation Analysis
Here you describe the situation in context of what the plan is trying to address. What is the current public opinion of the subject of the plan? How does it compare in the public’s eye to its closest competitors?

5. Message Statement
Draft the messages statement of your public relations plan. Make sure they are consistent but not necessarily identical among your various public.

6. Key Audience
Here the PR person would list who are primary audiences are that he/she wants to impact through this plan.

7. Key Message
Key messages are something you want to impress upon your target audience. Too many messages create “noise” and confusion, reducing the possibility that your most important messages will get through.

8. Budget
The total budget will be a single line item; individual expenses will be noted in another section.

9. Implementation Plan
Develop a detailed task list and timetable so you can implement your public relations tactics with maximum efficiency. The success of your public relations plan will largely depend on your ability to make deadlines stick.

10. Monitoring and Evaluation
Once your PR plan is completed, evaluate whether your objectives have been met. If not, determine why. Add these to the measurement section and make it part of your completed PR plan for historical reference. 
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