Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Rain in Dhaka

Its 6.30 hours in Dhaka. I was planning to move outside of Dhaka for an excursion with friends. Believe me; Dhaka will be as upset as I am leaving her.

I love the city, I love the crowd here. And most importantly I love the traffic. Trust me; you may think that how stupid I am! But this is true. I just love it.

But my love and adoration has increased to such an extent today and I can’t share my feelings with you. Suddenly it’s raining in the month of February when new leaves are just getting its’ own charm and beauty. Nature has found his existence.

Spring Rain in Dhaka- I just love it. Just love the city, just love Spring, and most importantly, I love sudden rain in spring.

Dressed in a white shirt with my hair combed straight
Here in my black shoes and me without a date
Me without hindsight, me without
When will change come, just like spring rain
Falling down like sheets

Spring rain…………

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