Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kabir Suman- Gonodabi

When we are talking about independence or existence, then we are always unite. Whether it is Bangladesh or West Bengal, we sing same. We talk same, we behave same, we eat same- then why not we raise and roar same.
In terms of cultural bonding, both the Bengal are running at same pace. Bangladesh youth, the future of the prospective development has finally raised their voice against the war criminals. Once it was politicized but now it is a mass argument. People are saying that once again, Bangladesh is fighting for the freedom of expression, freedom of justice. 

Yes, the young guns have shown their passion.

Kabir SUman, the prominent singer, who is versatile in every sector he steps, has come forward to encourage the youth of Bangladesh who are fighting for the justice of war criminal at Shahbag [currently familiar as Projonmo Chottor].

Here is the tune which will encourage you to fight for the lost freedom of justice and expression.
Enjoy .........

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