Thursday, January 31, 2013

PST(Pacific Standard Time) to BST (Bangladesh Standard Time))

While working with outsiders i.e. foreign contractors or chatting with different interviewers while facing interviews, we find a common term, PST which is very confusing several times.
We need to know that. I have found a site which will help you in this regards.
The site is containing a chart where the conversion of PST to BST is available.
Please click in the below link.


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The Contract Act, 1872

We are always looking for The Contract Act, 1872 from an authentic source. Many are interested in entrepreneurship these days and for them, this is must to have a copy of the act.
For you, I have found out the authentic source.
Please have a look, just click the below link.

Why do we take Photographs?

How many times have you gone to a friend or family member’s home and picked up a photo album?  Probably not. If you’re like me, you probably turned through the pages of that photo album and re-lived some of the memories you saw in the pictures.  It didn’t matter that the photos were probably taken by an amateur photographer. The photos did the job of capturing those memories.
Professionals do it to get paid. It’s how they pay the bills. It’s how they put food on the table. It’s how they take care of their families. But, they also have a love for photography. It’s that love that drives photographers to keep shooting pictures.

Capture Moments
Moments happen all the time and they can happen fast. A kitten pouncing on a ball of yarn. A wave crashing against the shore. The swing from a batter at a baseball game. Photography freezes these moments so we can take the time to enjoy them.

Tells Stories
Have you ever seen a photograph that just made you stop and look? Many times, the subject of a photo is so powerful, it doesn’t matter if it was taken by a professional or amateur photographer. The stories these photos tell can sometimes have the ability to overshadow any technical ability of the photographer. Think of photos of tragedies such as natural disasters and war. These stories can also be more personal, such as the photos taken at your wedding.

Improving As A Photographer

I’m sure you can agree with many of the things I’ve written about our love of photography. I also feel it’s safe to say that many photographers wish they could improve their ability with a camera.So get out your camera and go capture some memories! Go capture the moments that happen around you! Tell stories with your images! Continually improve your photography! Most importantly, share your images with others. Because your photography can not only inspire you, but it can inspire others as well.

This article is written by Jason Pryor.

New notification system and Communities options for Google+ for Android

Today the Google+ Android received a new update that changes the way the notification system works. The revamped notification tray allows users to add a link between a photo or mood during any post. Now Google plus’rs just need to tap to easily enter a URL. The user interface of the notification tray has also changed, as the update does away with hiding the navigation controls in the left slide-in panel. What users get now is a separate notification number between the refresh and settings buttons, and once tapped, the number gets a full detailed notification panel on the right.

Other improvements include more moderation options in Google+ Communities. If you want to grab a download of the new Google+, hit the Play Store link here


The feature has been written by Charles West. Charles West is a self-described music snob and sports fanatic who's a contributor to IntoMobile.


Where fine arts says Hello to marketing...: Facebook is Life

Where fine arts says Hello to marketing...: Facebook is Life

Facebook is Life


Whether it is road, park or restaurant, we can't live with Facebook now. It is another part of our daily life. We can’t think off a day without Facebook nowadays. It has made our life easy. Facebook changes the meaning of social networking. It is the most used social networking services worldwide.

A few years back most of us were introduced with Facebook as a social networking tool that allowed us to reconnect with lost friends and relatives. It feels really awesome when we find our childhood friends here . In our society, most of the people use Facebook is young girls and boys. Nowadays aged people feel interest to use the same. Young guys are conscious about their profile picture. Specially young girls used to change their profile picture very often.They like to upload their photo and get like & comment on those photos. 
Another interesting thing on Facebook is status update. By updating status, one can share what do he/she is feeling right now, whats happening in mind, idea, view or any message for all. But when you share your status with all,you should keep in mind that the platform is a public, so it should be kept in mind that, the status should never ever effect friend’s decisions of your life .Facebook is the easiest way to keep in touch with huge number of fnf [friends and family]through it, we can spend wonderful time with our dearest and nearest one and know about their life-style. This platform also helps us to remember friends birthday.

Not only in our personal life but also Facebook is creating good impact in our professional life. Introducing
to  Brand, reminding customers that this brand is to be trusted, that we deliver great quality and service, and they need to consider us for their next purchase. Responding to posts and messages directly, Staying connected with customers, utilizing the videos, podcasts, articles, and pictures which’ll be helpfull for business and it’s a great platform for marketing.

Besides all these good sides Facebook has some drawbacks also but  we do not recognize them. Recently Facebook has started timeline profile view, where people are failure to manage their privacy and the deleted posts and photos still existed in the Facebook cloud. Hackers and fake id increasing day by day. Boys are using girls photo to create fake id. For that reason their needed strong privacy. Sometimes Facebook forces you to present yourself as someone you are not. Students waste their valuable time to do chatting in Facebook. People used to check their notifications n post in time of office work. It is the common reason for break-up and husband-wife started to doubt their partner.
To be honest over here, never forget there are many positive side also such as stay in touch with your best buddies and know the latest trends. In a word by using Facebook you can enrich your knowledge and spread your network strongly.Keep this on mind, stay connected with Facebook and enjoy your life with your friends and family.
The article is written by Moumita Roy, an ACCA student and a blogger. She is concentrating on fashion industries and recent social reforms and changes.