Thursday, January 31, 2013

New notification system and Communities options for Google+ for Android

Today the Google+ Android received a new update that changes the way the notification system works. The revamped notification tray allows users to add a link between a photo or mood during any post. Now Google plus’rs just need to tap to easily enter a URL. The user interface of the notification tray has also changed, as the update does away with hiding the navigation controls in the left slide-in panel. What users get now is a separate notification number between the refresh and settings buttons, and once tapped, the number gets a full detailed notification panel on the right.

Other improvements include more moderation options in Google+ Communities. If you want to grab a download of the new Google+, hit the Play Store link here


The feature has been written by Charles West. Charles West is a self-described music snob and sports fanatic who's a contributor to IntoMobile.


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