Monday, January 28, 2013

Bissho Ijtema (World Ijtema)- where religion meets devotees

Bissho Ijtema(World Ijtema) is one of the popular celebration of Muslim communities. Every year, Bangladesh’s Tablig Al Jamaat hosts religiously a religious program calling it Bishwa Ijtema - a hybrid term, half Sanskrit, half Arabic. Biswa Ijtema, the second largest congregation of the Muslims after hajj, is celebrated in each and every year on the bank of the Turag River at Tongi, Bangladesh.

Foreign devotees, including renowned Islamic scholars and elite from different countries across the world, are arriving during this time in Dhaka to join the 3-day Bishwa Ijtema.As far as Ijtema is concerned, there is no exception. The program that is intended to rejuvenate Islamic ideals among Bangladesh’s 114 million Muslims along with many other Muslims all over the world.

The temperature generally remains 5 degree centigrade to 10 degree centigrade. It is really tough for the devotees to join the Ijtema. But people in this region have no complain, they ride on the roof top of the trains, buses and other transports.

One thing I must say, where religion is concerned, people here knows no bound.

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