Sunday, February 10, 2013

No regret, I have not seen 1971, I am seeing 2013

The Gate of Motijheel, the most vital commercial space in Bangladesh, is popularly known as Shahbag is no more at his name. The name is now a history. And we all know that history is the evidence of revolution and victory. The name Shahbag is the ultimate name of victory for Bengalies. Shahbag Square which was once [before February 05, 2013] known as Shahbag, has become a place of glories, victories and a roar against the war criminals who had brutally murdered the mass of Bangladesh in the year of 1971. The pro-liberation forces today named Shahbagh intersection as ‘Projanma Chattar’.
A girl named, Sanchari, said, “If the death sentence is applied for a murder, then why not the same is applicable for thousands murder.” With the same tune, the youth of Bangladesh have roared for the highest punishment of the war criminals of Bangladesh.

The social networking sites played a significant role in initiating the movement like Arab Spring which toppled several autocratic rulers in the Middle East. Many in the social networking sites termed the Shahbagh intersection as ‘Shahbagh Square’ comparing it with ‘Tahrir Square’ of Egypt, the center point of Egyptian revolution that ousted autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarak in 2011.
Some Facebook users said their only demand is that Jamaat’s assistant secretary general Quader Mollah and other war criminals be condemned to death. SopnoSrosta says, “Hearing that a war took place – the freedom fighters of the new generation occupied Shahbagh. It will not proper for anyone to sit idle."

Sujit Roy, an expatriate writes, “Wish I could join you now….will fly back soon!”

Another Facebook user says, “We don’t want to hear history any more – rather we want to make history this time.”

As a responsible citizen of Bangladesh I will say, “I have not seen 1971, but I am seeing 2013.

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